Wedding Invitations

Here are some images of our wedding invitations along with some of the other pieces I designed for the wedding, the menus, table numbers, seating cards, etc. It was a fantastic day! Enjoy. Photos by the amazingly talented photographer, Megan Thiele-Lorenz…

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week 25 – gym logo

So, this is not what I set out to do originally, but I ended up doing a play on old woodtype-y posters. It could be for a boxing gym. I really meant to make it “manlier”, but that is really hard for me. If I ever revisit this logo, I would like to add some little illustrated embellishments. Like a dumbell or a boxing glove or some tennis shoes. But you can only work on a logo-a-week for so many weeks before you have to move on:

Up next: In honor of my recent trapeze lesson – a logo for a traveling circus!

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Week 24

I concluded that I didn’t need a cute little doggy to represent my coffee brand, so I settled on this more generic, more KV style version of an art deco-ey logo.

Moving forward to next week: steering away from my usual style, I’d like to work on something a little more “masculine” and tough-looking, so I think I will design a logo for a Fitness center. Haven’t settled on a name yet, so I’ll keep you posted!

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Week 24 – first try

So, I started out thinking, if I am referring to Dogtown, don’t I need to use a dog in the logo? I remembered that I drew this cute little dog for a direct mail piece about a year ago and sort of recycled him for a cute little doggy logo. But this was only my first draft. Awww, how cute…

This probably won’t be the last we’ll see of this little fellow – maybe in the future I will use him for some sort of pet product brand, which he would be a little more appropriate for.

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Week 23 – On to Week 24!

Thanks everybody for the nice comments. You put my feet to the fire to get my new logos up there. This is a series of three logos for an outdoor gear brand that sells camping, fishing, and hiking equipment, called “GO!” Enjoy.

I was having a bit of trouble resolving the little symbols inside the exclamation points, and I’m not sure if I’m completely satisfied, but I’m moving on. So, next up: another coffee brand! I know I’ve done it before but I just love coffee! So, again I will be drawing from my surroundings for inspiration and calling it “Dogtown Coffee” simply after the name of my neighborhood. Thanks for reading and I will try to be prompt this time!

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Logo-a-week: Back by Popular Demand

I never really thought anyone was reading this, but after some friends kept telling me that really liked logo-a-week and wanted to keep seeing more logos, I decided to start it up again and try to keep it up. It is fun and its more for my own fun and distraction anyway, so I might as well. Next week, my bf and I are going on a camping/outdoor adventure (plus a short stay in a luxury cabin :)) trip in the Smoky Mountains, so I’ve been perusing the outdoorsy stores for some last minute camping gear. So, since its relevant I will be designing a “gear” logo for all sorts of outdoor activities. The brand will be called Go! and it will have a few different subcategories such as camping, fishing, rafting, whatever else I decide. I will post the logo this week and then I’ll be skipping the next week, as I will be on the aforementioned trip.

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Another annual report…

Here is another annual report that I completed recently. This is for an organization that works to preserve historic buildings in St. Louis, so it has a very architectural feel to it.

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