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Logo 5

I can’t believe I’m already on the fifth week of Logo-A-Week! I’m excited about this one – maybe someone will see it and be inspired to open this store and then people can buy me presents there!



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Another Reject

Well, I don’t know if this can technically be called a reject since it was never shown to the client. I think because someone in my office said it was too similar to some other logo – not sure whose. I designed this logo comp for a company, which will remain unnamed, that has “I” and “P” as the first letters of their name. One of the words in their name means “to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole” (webster’s dictionary). That is why the I and the P are pointing into one another. I kind of liked it, so that’s why I am posting it!reject2

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Too Many Ideas!

I love this mid-century themed logo that I’ve got going, but I’m having a really hard time picking one that I can commit to. I’ve got the color palette nailed down and I think I’m heading in the direction of how I want the typography to look. I just can’t decide what kind of imagery needs to be there. The bird really has no significance except that it looks like 1960s decor and I like it. So I made one that has the bird’s feet looking like an eggbeater to give it a purpose. The leg lamp pretty much sums up the meaning of kitsch, but I can’t achieve a good logo shape with it and I don’t think it looks that “clean”, which is what I would prefer the logo to be. It turns out that it is very hard to make decisions when you are your own client. Especially when you procrastinate and then don’t have time to ask other people’s opinions before you have to post it!  So here it goes: my sketches – I’ll post the final one in later on today.modernkitsch

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Week 5

Week 5 Assignment
 Last weekend I visited the store T.F.A. in St. Louis. It is one of my favorite places to go just to wander around and get inspired by the lovely vintage patterned fabrics and the colors and shapes of all of the random 50s – 60s ephemera. I am especially enchanted by all of the kitschy items like cards, ceramic decorations, and items for the kitchen that some people might consider “ugly.” If I had any more room in my house, I would buy all sorts of ugly stuff there!

So this week’s logo will be for a similar type of store but I picture it being much smaller and edited down a bit. It will combine real vintage “kitschy” items for the home from the 50s – 60s with some new items that are modern with a retro feel. The name is “Modern Kitsch”.  Kitsch seems to have many meanings and interpretations but in this case I am thinking of functional home items and decor that have a silly quality (ie. a salt and pepper shaker set shaped like a squirrel and an acorn – how clever!). I just picture a store where people want to stop, pick up, and laugh at or roll their eyes at everything they see. Fun!

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Logo Week 4

And she’s done:logoweek4

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Sometimes I get attached to certain concepts that get rejected by clients. As I’m sure happens with every designer, sometimes your favorite concepts get rejected, or maybe just not recognized or understood. Every once in a while, I will take the opportunity to simply pay homage to these little ideas (always logos) that would otherwise never see the light of day. Today, these logos will get their time to shine before they go off and die:

rejectsI’m not gonna give the clients’ names here, but they were both designed for two different clients’ events to be used for invitations and other event collateral. The one on the left is for a South Pacific/nautical themed party at the clients’ facility and the one on the right is for a 150th anniversary party celebrating the achievements of teachers at a school. There, now I feel closure and can move on with my life!

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Week 4

Week 4 Assignment
In honor of the Tour de France which started a few days ago, I wanted to design a logo revolving around biking. Originally I wanted to do a bike shop and use the French word for bike, velo, but the name that I came up with, Velocity, is the name of an already existing bike/coffee shop in St. Louis. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it already, I will definitely check it out sometime. So I switched directions a bit and came up with a playful name that sounds more like a wine label than a bike shop, so that’s what it shall be! So, with a little play on words and an extension of the Tour de France theme, it will be called “Yellow Velo.” It will be a French wine marketed to Americans – maybe Lance Armstrong could be in the advertising! In the meantime, I will keep thinking of the perfect bike shop name for a future Logo-A-Week project.

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