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Play Free Bird

Breaking the rules since this is the end of the week, but I just got an idea for a logo.

It is for an organic farm that raises free range chickens and eggs and probably other stuff. I’ve been wanting to create a logo for a farm for a while because, like a lot of people these days, I’ve been really thinking about where our food comes from and how I can become a more responsible eater for my body, for the environment, and for the cute little animals. After some light research on factory farming, I recently went vegan for a very short time before realizing that I really really like cheese. So now I am vegetarian and searching for ways to eat dairy and eggs that cause the least pain to animals, the least impact to the earth and the most tastiness and healthiness for my body. I think the way to do this is trying to get food from places that share these values. So, my farm is going to be “Free Bird Farm.” and the chickens are gonna be happy and free. And the vegetables are happy too.

I did a logo last summer for a friend of a friend who was starting a business where he helped people install chicken coups, and build vegetable gardens in their backyards or businesses. I’m not sure whether the business is up and running yet, but I hope so since its a great idea. This is what I made for him:

And here are some of the other contenders that I liked as well:

Check back if you care to see what I come up with for “Free Bird Farms.”


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